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Shock as man dies at smallhouse’s place at Nemamwa Growth Point. BY TATENDA CHIKARA

An unidentified man who worked for ZUPCO bus company has been found dead today in a house of a woman he was…
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Runyararo West suburb residents shocked over suicide case of police officer. By Regis Chingawo

Residents of Masvingo have expressed shock following the death of a police officer,Kennedy Mange who committed suicide in Runyararo West suburb.Mange was…
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Sekuru Martin Chadzamira burial set for tomorrow at his Mashava farm

The father of the Minister of State for Masvingo province, Ezra Chadzamira, Martin Chadzamira who passed away on Saturday at a private…

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Hevoi Fm ihwi rokwedu 100.2 fm is Masvingo Province first commercial radio station which started live broadcasting on the 1st of June 2017. The station broadcast in the three local languages., which are Karanga, Ndebele and Xitsonga. The station's identity and motto take it's pride in rich cultural heritage of the Province where it is situated. broadcasting live from Masvingo City which the commercial, social and cultural centre for the province, situated just 25 km away from the Great Zimbabwe Monuments, where the nation derives its name from, the station's vision is to be the leading entertainer while doing and promoting business in the province. Broadcasting for Masvingo people both local and broad by the people of Masvingo, the station thrives to be the leading business and social voice for Masvingo province. The station also promotes the rich music of the artists from the province giving them a platform to shine hence our motto 'ihwi rokwedu'

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