Bread basket bracket for August 2021 increases to over $35 000.By Regis Chingawo

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The monthly bread basket for a family of six for the month of August has risen to $35 130, Hevoi FM news can report.
In an interview with Hevoi FM news Consumer Council of Zimbabwe regional manager for Masvingo province, Ndumiso Mgutshini said the consumer monthly bread basket has risen by 2, 5 percent since of end of last month.

“From the survey we carried, the consumer monthly bread basket for a family of six as from end of July has risen from $34 243 to $35 130 by mid August,”said Mgutshini.
According to the survey, there was a notable increase in prices of commodities such as rice, cooking oil, sugar,bread, meat, soap and flour.
“There was an increase of prices of most basic commodities after civil servants got salary increments this month.Another factor that contributed to the price increase is that most retail supermarkets are buying foreign currency from the informal market,he added.
Consumers in Masvingo who spoke to Hevoi FM news raised some concern calling on government to address the issue, saying the latest price increases of basic commodities were unjustified taking into consideration that their salaries remained stagnant.

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