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Chivi villagers want politicians to get their hands off aid distribution. By Tatenda Chikara

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Villagers say politicians must not be involved in the distribution of aid handouts, farming inputs and other commodities to avoid incidences of corruption. A representative of women under Chief Maregere in Masvingo’s Chivi District, Alicemate Sarireni told Hevoi FM news that food distribution must be done by local councillors, village heads and traditional leadership.
“We are concerned that food hand outs and farming inputs end up being abused by corrupt individuals.So what we are proposing is that they must be handed over to the community buy councillors and traditional leadership as there have been reports of corruption.Politicians must not be allowed to oversee the distribution,”said Sarireni.
There have been numerous reports that food relief and farming inputs are being distributed along partisan lines in some rural areas in Masvingo province.

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