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Government urged to provide decent infrastructure before evicting villagers on Tugwi-Mukosi downstream. BY REGIS CHINGAWO

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Government has been urged to formulate plans to fully compensate and make provisions for adequate infrastructure before relocating villagers on Tugwi-Mukosi downstream. Flora-Zim director, Fidelis Nyamukondiwa told Hevoi FM News that villagers on Tugwi-Mukosi downstream are in danger of floods if the rains continue. “Villagers living on the downstream of Tugwi-Mukosi are in danger if the dam overfills, of losing lives, homes,livestock, crops and infrastructure,”said Nyamukondiwa. Nyamukondiwa said the government must come up with funds to cater for adequate infrastructure if it considers resettling the villagers. “We are calling on the government to come up with a long term solution and provide good infrastructure in the event that it relocates the villagers to higher areas,”he said. Some villagers on the downstream of Tugwi-Mukosi told Hevoi FM News that they will resist any forced evict citing the example of villagers resettled at Chingwizi who were not provided with decent infrastructure.

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