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He-goat terrorizing Nemamwa residents

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In a rare case, residents at Nemamwa growth point in Masvingo rural district fear for their lives after suspected black rabies affected he-goat is chasing and attacking people, Hevoi news can report.

The he-goat is said to have injured a woman while she was trying to rescue her grandchild from its attack.

“We kindly ask for help to get this he-goat removed here before it kills anyone, especially school children. Children can be caught and harmed unaware it is a dangerous goat, recently we had a woman who was badly injured together with her grandchild, ” a resident said.

Another resident echoed the same sentiments saying they sought help to locate the owner of the he-goat but to no avail.

“As residents we sought help from the police to locate the owner of the goat but we could not find any. The goat is so vicious that we see women and children running into nearby business premises to hide,” he said.

A resident and chairperson for Nemamwa business community Stanford Chibaya says there is need for quick action as the he-goat is still roaming around in the growth point.

“Urgent action should be taken against this goat as we are continuing to see it roam around in the growth point. I saw it yesterday [Monday] chasing vegetable vendors at the bus stop,” Chibaya said.

When asked for comment Masvingo Provincial veterinary officer Dr Kudakwashe Makwangudze said he was looking into the matter as he had not received the report.

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