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Health experts warns consumable meat should be first inspected. BY TATENDA CHIKARA

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The Masvingo City Council (MCC) health department director Mr. Ngonidzashe Mapamula warns that the only consumable meat should be first inspected as fear grips the province that some unscrupulous individuals are selling contaminated meat to unsuspecting consumers, Hevoi News has learnt.

“We are saying that the only meat that should be ate by any other consumer is inspected meat, meaning to say that the meat is inspected with either experts from health or veterinary departments, cases of individuals who are transporting meat during the night from nearby rural areasshoul be reported,” Mapamula warns.

Mapamula added that people may mistake January disease from anthrax hence the health of consumers is compromised as it can cause death as well not ignoring the quality of meat that has been affected.

“…People can mistake January disease for anthrax, the meat has come and is not inspected, the meat is affected by anthrax, and this will compromise the health of the people.

“The quality of the meat is affected, as a consumer you expect quality meat but as a consumer you are buying this meat at high prizes, when it is of low quality so tell us when you hear of such cases,” He added.

However, according to the Public Health Act which is administered by the Ministry of Health, mandates that all butcheries sell meat that is first inspected, hence butcheries are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health and Local authorities under the Environmental health departments.

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