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Hyenas and jackals traumatizing villagers in Gutu East. BY SAMUEL NJINGA

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Hyenas and jackals are causing havoc in Chief Nyange villages in Gutu East. Hevoi FM News reveals. The majority of villagers who spoke to Hevoi FM News said that most of these carnivores spent most of their day time in the mountainous and averagely kopje areas that surround their villages.
“All this mountainous and kopje area that you see surrounding us is a habitat for hyenas and jackals. They spend their day time in them only to come down here at night in order to cause great havoc to our domestic animals especially goats.” Said Clever Nyange who is one of the villagers.
“We are at pains due to these animals, especially “Fele” the notorious hyena that keeps on pouncing on our kraals using a sophisticated tactic. It behaves like a human being in nature. It is so sensitive to danger each time that we endeavor to set a trap in order to nab it. If only responsible authorities could bring in guns here or find other means of getting rid of these hyenas and jackals.” Said the Nyange village head.
Contacted for comment, The Head of Corporate Communications in the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority Tinashe Farawo said that they are receiving such kind of reports from across the country and react spontaneously.
“We are receiving such kind of distress calls not only from Gutu East but in almost every part of the country. We always react swiftly. We also encourage villagers to build some kraals like boma so that their domestic animals are safe.” Said Farawo.
Throughout African culture and religious beliefs hyenas have been condemned as they are perceived as witches and wizards` means of transport during the night while scientific research dismisses these assertions as mere superfluous and superstitious beliefs.

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