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Let`s build a brand for Zimbabwe together-Chadzamira.

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The Minister of State and Devolution Affairs for Masvingo Province, Ezra Chadzamira has called for members of the public and the entire crop of stakeholders in the province to join forces in building a brand for Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is clamoring for an upper middle class economy by 2030.

“As a nation, we need a distinguishing identity that can earn credit, respect and enhance our competitive edge in attracting foreign direct investment and local investment. It is important for everyone to join hands to build a brand for Zimbabwe that every Zimbabwean can be proud of, complimenting his Excellency the  President’s engagement and re-engagement trajectory towards the attainment of vision 2030.” Said Chadzamira.

Minister Chadzamira was speaking at the Brand Zimbabwe consultative meeting that was held in Masvingo on Thursday. The meeting was attended by different stakeholders from the business community, tourism, mining, engineering, marketing, infrastructure and agriculture as well as the mechanisation sector.

Speaking at the same function, Chief Facilitator and Project leader of Brand Zimbabwe, Professor Augustino Zakaria said, “Attaining a good branding for Zimbabwe can only be done when there are no disputes and when resources are available in the country.”

 Brand Zimbabwe, which was launched at the beginning of this month, values tourism as a vital component in marketing the country as unique. Government objective is to make sure that it attains an opportunity to reflect on the country’s needs as well as propounding how it should be perceived by the entire world.

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