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Masvingo residents lament over sewer bursts near Dikwindi primary school. BY ROSELINE MUTARE

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Masvingo residents in Mucheke suburb are calling the local authority to quickly address the perennial sewer bursts near Dikwindi primary school. Residents told Hevoi FM News that raw sewage for the past years has been flowing into Mucheke River. “At an area near Dikwindi Primary School close to Mucheke Stadium, raw sewage is flowing into Mucheke River due to sewer bursts.We have raised this issue to Masvingo City Council but up to now the problem has not been rectified,”said a resident. Other residents say they fear an upsurge of water borne diseases during this rainy season. “We fear that we might contract water borne diseases during this rainy season if the problem is not addressed,”said another resident. Masvingo mayor councilor Collin Maboke did not respond to questions sent on his whatsapp though they blue ticked. The local authority is currently embarking on Mucheke Trunk Sewer project. Once completed, the trunk sewer, which is a sewer line that receives waste water flow from the collector sewer and conveys this waste water either to an intercepting sewer or treatment plant, is expected to improve the dire situation and ease on sewer blockages.

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