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Murder cases, government urged to act. BY SAMUEL NJINGA

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Renowned Chief Murinye, Ephias Munodawafa Murinye whose area of jurisdiction entails Boroma and the Great Zimbabwe monuments has called upon the new dispensation to tighten its grip on murderers whom he said were escaping the wrath of law by fleeing to the neighboring South Africa each time that they committed these crimes. Speaking to this reporter during a telephone interview, Chief Murinye said that most perpetrators of the crime were young teenagers who go about other countries.
“Government must hunt and deal with these culprits. We cannot have people being slaughtered like chickens in our own country. In our custom, we have the revenging spirits fighting back to one`s dynasty. By killing someone you evoke these spirits.”
There has been disturbing murder cases in the country and the phenomenon of murder is vested in various circumstances which include ritual and economic ones among them.
Meanwhile, a survey contacted by Hevoi FM News revealed that most of the people are of the opinion that stiffer sentence must be given to murderers.

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