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Outry as COVID 19 vaccine runs out in Masvingo city council clinics. BY REGIS CHINGAWO

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COVID 19 vaccine has run out at the Masvingo City Council’s health centres.
Residents told Hevoi FM News that, today, they went to the local authority’s clinics only to be told that the vaccine had ran out.
“ I woke up early early today hoping to get the first jab, only to be told by the nursing staff that they had ran out of the vaccine,”said Jacob Gwezhira, a resident of Runyararo West.
Other residents accused the local authority of failing to communicate with residents on time.
“The city council must inform us on time if the vaccine is in short supply, imagine I had to walk all the way from Clipsham Farm to Rujeko, only to be informed that the vaccine had run out,”said Viola Mutema.
Masvingo city council’s Town Clerk, engineer Edward Mukatirwa confirmed in one of the residents lobby whatsapp group that the jab had ran out.
Read his confirmation:
“Today all our Clinics do not have the Covid-19 jab. We are awaiting delivery”.
Masvingo city council owns three clinics that are, Mucheke, Rujeko and Runyararo health centres.

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