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Water crisis hits Mwenezi

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The majority of Mwenezi villagers cry foul following the adverse effects that are being triggered by water shortages in most of the Southern parts of Masvingo province. Some of the villagers who spoke to this publication said that they are now obliged to fetch water from uncovered wells, something which is likely to exponentially increase the rate of water borne diseases.

“Lack of access to clean water is now hazardous to our health, imagine sharing the same source of water with animals. Most of the villagers are now involuntarily spending the whole day safeguarding some of the sources from animals.” said Mapendere Village Head.

‘’We are drinking water from the uncovered wells and they have been  contaminated as a result of peculiar substances such as dead animals and other debris but we have got no option apart from risking our lives.” He said.

Another villager, who identified herself as Rumbi Masazhu, echoed the same sentiments saying fetching water from an uncovered well is a big risk for them as they have to compete with wild animals.

“More often, we struggle to accomplish this mission of water fetching. We have to wake up before dawn to fetch water from wells and rivers. We do this so as to make sure that we get there before some of the wild animals.” Said Masazhu.

When asked for comment, Head of Corporate Communications in the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management, Tinashe Farawo said that these things have always been happening. He encourages villagers to learn to acquire skills that help them to live together with wild animals.

“We are carrying massive campaigns that are geared towards educating people on how best they can live together with animals. People must minimize night movements as well as distance themselves from them.” Said Farawo.

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