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Wives snatching cases increase in Chief Shumba area. By Samuel Njinga

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Wives snatching is said to be on the increase in areas under Chief Shumba.
Chief Shumba’s spokesperson, Elliot Zovovo told Hevoi FM news that the problem is being caused by men who leave their wives for a long time, going to neighbouring countries to seek for greener pastures.
“We have an increase number of wives snatching cases in our area and we blame men who leave behind their wives for as many as seven years and upon coming back, their views would have remarried,”said Zovovo.
“Recently a man who had left his wife for seven years came and reported the case when he discovered that the wife had remarried….these are some of the cases we are experiencing in our area,”he said.
Due to economic hardships, some young men in Masvingo province’s rural areas leave their young families for greener pastures and sometimes remarry in those countries of employment and upon returning, their wives would have remarried.The incidences are rampant in Mwenezi and Chikombedzi districts.

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