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476 thousand households in Masvingo to benefit from the Presidential input scheme by Naledi Dube.

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476 thousand households in Masvingo province will benefit from the Presidential Input Scheme popularly known as Intwasa/Pfumvudza. Small grains that are drought resistant are the dominant crop that is being distributed.

Masvingo Acting Director for Agriculture and Rural Development Advisory Services Aaron Muchazivepi confirmed that the government made a decision on the crops that will be planted under the scheme.

“Masvingo will receive small grain inputs because it’s a dry region and farmers are going to receive traditional grains such as sorghum and finger millet,” said Muchazivepi. 

Farmers have since started land preparations and are going to receive seed and fertilizer. Farmers are expected to prepare five plots under the pfumvudza programme. 

“As a government we will arrange that farmers who have delivered a certain crop at GMB will get the same quantity for their consumption.” said Muchazivepi 

The interventions by the government have a significant impact on the sustenance of livelihoods, food security and broad economic development.


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