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Masvingo province operating with only two graders. BY NALEDI DUBE

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Masvingo province is using only two graders, a situation that has derailed the rehabilitation of roads in rural areas that were damaged by torrential rains during the onset of the year, Hevoi FM News has learnt.
In an interview, the District Development Fund provincial manager, Marasa Gutukunhuwa said their situation has been worsened by shortage of fuel for the machinery.
“We are failing to maintain roads in the province’s rural areas, as we are only using two graders.We are also facing fuel challenges for the graders.This has derailed our plans to rehabilitate roads in rural areas,”said Gutukunhuwa.
Most roads and bridges in the province’s rural areas were damaged by the rains that fell during the onset for the year and the infrastructure needs a face lift.

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