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‘ZUPCO staff must abide to COVID 19 prevention measures’ .BY REGIS CHINGAWO

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Community Working Group on Health chairperson for Masvingo, Entrance Takaidza is calling on ZUPCO staff in buses and kombis  to  take measures to prevent the spreading of COVID 19 pandemic.A survey carried by Community Working Group on Health in Masvingo, has  revealed that ZUPCO staff  is no longer taking  COVID 19 preventative measures seriously.“We are appealing to ZUPCO staff in buses and commuter omnibuses take measures in preventing the COVID 19 pandemic,”said Takaidza.“Our survey has revealed that all of the Zupco staff members are not wearing face masks or are sanitizing passengers.We are therefore appealing to ZUPCO management to educate their staff on the need to prevent COVID 19.It is also the responsibility of us as residents of Masvingo to take collective measures of preventing the pandemic,”she said.As of yesterday, 11 January, 3 people succumbed from COVID 19 while 110 people tested positive in Masvingo province.

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