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23 Wood poachers arrested in Masvingo district in 2021. BY ROSELINE MUTARE

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Twenty three wood poachers were arrested in Masvingo district last year. Forestry Commission district manager for Masvingo, Edwin Machokoto told Hevoi FM News that 10 wood poachers have been arrested since the onset of this year. “Last year with the assistance of law enforcement agents, 23 wood poachers in Masvingo district were arrested, while from 1 January this year, we have arrested 10 people,”said Machokoto. He added: “We recovered firewood that was in two lorries in the district and we would like urge members of the public to report cases of wood poaching.” Machokoto said this year, the Forestry Commission will be intensifying the anti-wood poaching campaign. “This year we will be intensifying anti-wood poaching campaign and will also carry out some educational awareness programmes educating citizens on the need to preserve trees and environment,”said Machokoto. Due to the load shedding programme in the country fire wood selling business is proving to be a lucrative business in Masvingo province. Masvingo district include areas such as Nemamwa, Mapanzure, Mashava, Mushandike, Zimuto and Charumbira.

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