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Chivi farmers urge gvt to provide more AN fertilizer

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The heavy rains that are pouring in Chivi District in Masvingo are now letting farmers count their loses as assistance of Ammonia nitrate fertilizer is not enough, Hevoi FM news can report.

Crops are now turning yellow due to nutrients deficiency caused by loss of water-soluble plant nutrients from the soil.

A farmer from ward 11 who spoke to Hevoi FM news,said that the whole ward received only 100 bags of Ammonia nitrate a situation which seem disastrous to good harvests.

“We are happy to receive the good rains but things are not looking very good at this time as our crops are turning yellow, as a ward we only received 100 bags of Ammonia [nitrate] fertilizers which is not enough for every farmer.

“We seek help from the government before the whole district gets into hunger,” a farmer who did not want to mentioned told Hevoi FM news.

Another villager weighed in saying that they suspect corrupt activities happening as some individuals are benefiting at the expense of others.

“The situation here is serious, it has been raining none stop this side, our village received only four bags of fertilizers, honestly can those [fertilizers] benefit more than 160 households its actually a none starter.

He added: the government must intervene as a matter of urgency, we think some people are taking advantage of the other people here, a villager from Chitsaka village bemoaned.

When contacted for comment the member of parliament for Chivi Central honourable Ephraim Gwanongodza told Hevoi FM news that all wards were receiving fertilizers to mitigate leaching.

“We are aware of the situation, right now every wards are receiving top fertilizers given to us by his excellency the President [Emmerson Mnangagwa], we were only having some challenges to reach some areas because some bridges were washed away by the rains but we are getting on top of the situation,” Gwanongodza said.

He also added that this assistance of top dressing fertilizers is going to enable farmers get bamper harvests.

“We see farmers benefiting a lot after when they apply top dressing fertilizers, most farmers have received AN when their plants are still at good levels,” Gwanongodza added

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