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Farmers expect better sugar cane harvests in Chiredzi.By Samuel Njinga

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Sugar cane harvesting has begun in the Lowveld and farmers are expecting higher yields output in comparison with last year, Hevoi FM News has learnt.
Productive Cane Growers Association Chairman Godard Dunira said farmers are busy applying fertilizer, increasing plant production and ridding of weeds in plantations.

“Sugar cane harvesting has just kicked off on a high note here in the lowveld. It is one of those hectic moments. Farmer after farmer is busy harvesting the cane, replacing some of the plants, applying fertilizer as well as pesticides in order to get rid of pests.”
Chiredzi is the chief producer of sugar cane in the country. Although an increase in sugar cane production is expected this year. There has been a dwindle in sugar cane production for the past two decades with research indicating that 3.56 million tons were produced in the country in 2019. This is far less as compared to the largest global producer, Brazil, with 29.93 million metric tons of sugar.

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