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Farmers in Rutenga yell for farming inputs. BY SAMUEL NJINGA

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Farmers in Rutenga in Mwenezi are asking for government intervention in as far as acquiring fertilisers and seed is concerned. Farmers who spoke to Hevoi FM News said that there are higher chances that the Pfumvudza scheme might collapse due to this challenge that has been compounded by hyperinflation catapulting a fluctuation in the cost of farming resources.
“The cost of maize seed right now is not bearable. In any case we need seed for sorghum, millet and other drought resistant crops. Those in charge of disbursing agricultural inputs are playing some hide and seek games here. There is no clarity as to who is supposed to receive and who is not supposed.” Said one villager identified as Joramu as the other one interjected to elaborate.
“If only they could identify the right farmers without considering party credentials. Why can`t they consider productive farmers if it is true that this is a government initiative and not a party project?” Asked one farmer who spoke on condition of anonymity as he referred to the Presidential scheme.
Being one of the most arid places in the province, Mwenezi district constitutes a population of over 150 000. The government have embarked on a presidential farming inputs scheme that is expected to see the majority of farmers in the province benefiting. In an interview with Hevoi FM News today, Masvingo Provincial Development Coordinator, Jefter Sakupwanya reiterated that everyone is going to get these farming inputs.

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