Gutu farmers urge government to assist them with maize seeds that are short season varieties.BY TATENDA CHIKARA

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Despite the successive rainy seasons last year, some Gutu farmers in wards 24 and 25 have attributed their poor harvest to too many rains which did not give them time to cultivate their crops, urging the government to assist them with maize seeds that were short season varieties, Hevoi FM news has learnt.

A ward 24 farmer lamented that long season varieties were not best in their type of soils as they demanded enough resources,

“This year we could not harvest as much as we were looking forward to because of too much rain which did not give us time to cultivate our crops, we urge the government to assist us with these inputs to prepare our land on time.”

He added: “in ward 24 we were given a variety of seeds that does not do well in our soils, we look forward to SeedCo seeds, “We urge the government to assist us with SeedCo 413 ‘mbizi’ type which is a short season variety; I think that is best because some are long season varieties which need longer times before they are harvested,” ward 24 farmer said.

Another farmer echoed the same sentiments saying that he also favoured the short season variety such as panner 413 which in the past had been giving them good harvests, also saying that those who practiced pfumvudza program and with a lot of inputs harvested as too much rains were a problem.

“When the rainy season started last season, it ended up being too much, so we asked the government to assist us with short season varieties. Those who practiced the pfumvudza program harvested well as they had enough inputs,” another farmer from ward 25 said.

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