Health hazard looms at Garikai residential area in Masvingo as 500 residents use bush toilets.By Samuel Njinga

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A health time bomb is ticking at Garikai residential area in Masvingo as more than 500 residents are using the bush toliet, visit by Hevoi FM news has revealed.
Residents told Hevoi FM news that they feel forgotten as they have no functioning ablution facility while water supply was erratic.

“We have long since relayed our sanitary conditions problems to the government. The Minister of state have long since promised to come back to us with a reply.” Said Getrude Mukokovondo who happens to be a Committee member in charge of the welfare of the people at Garikai Hlalani Kuhle.

“The only toilet that used to be here have long since been deserted since it became full. People now resort to the bush. There are only two tape waters that rarely avail us water as you can see. We are afraid of disease outbreaks. There are no buses coming this side. Our wives and children risk being raped by armed robbers each time they travel. Our health is at stake, we are sitting on a time bomb as evidenced by all these countless flies that you see. ” said Amon Muza who is one of the beneficiaries.

Efforts to get in touch with the Masvingo Provincial Medical Doctor Amadeus Shamu were fruitless as he was not picking his mobile.
The housing scheme was established by government in 2005 in the aftermath of Operation Murambatsvina where ‘ilegal’ houses were demolished.

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