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Masvingo residents plead for solution to end Mucheke river pollution. BY TATENDA CHIKARA

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Residents in Masvingo City say the city fathers and the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) should dialogue ways to end the pollution of Mucheke River as it has become a health time bomb, Hevoi News has learnt.
Mucheke River flows into Mutirikwi Lake which is the water source for Masvingo City with many residents fearing that the water may be contaminated with raw sewage that is deposited into river.
A resident who preferred not mentioned told Hevoi News that the matter of making sure the river was not polluted rested on the local authority and EMA as it released too much air pollution through strong smells.
“This issue rests much on the local authority and EMA to make sure that all this pollution in Mucheke River ends, there is too much air pollution, that itself can affect people’s health,” He said.
Another Resident who spoke to Hevoi News said that the aquiculture in Mucheke River was being destroyed due to foreign elements deposited into the river with fish being the first victims of this serious pollution, hence urging the local authority to quicken the Mucheke trunk sewer project.
“The fish in Mucheke River is dying due to serious sewage deposits, after these fish die hence as they decay too much smell is raised, so we urge the council to complete the Mucheke trunk sewer so that its deposits goes exactly where it is supposed to go,” She said.
The Mayor for Masvingo City Collen Maboke recently told Hevoi News that this problem of sewage deposits into the river was mainly caused by sewer bursts; therefore the problem was going to be resolved only when the Mucheke Trunk sewer was complete.

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