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Most people in rural areas of Masvingo province not adhering to Covid-19 regulations-A report says.

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A survey carried by Community Tolerance Reconciliation and Development in Masvingo province has revealed that most people in rural areas are not adhering to COVID 19 preventative regulations.

The organisation’s programmes manager, Zivanai Muzorodzi said more awareness campaigns need to be carried out in the province’s rural areas.
‘Awareness campaigns needs to be strengthen in rural areas on the need for villagers to adhere to Covid 19 regulations and we are doing our part by circulating messages via the social media,’said Muzorodzi.
A report by the organisation has revealed that there are villagers who are still gathering at funerals in numbers, gathering at traditional beer binges and most of the villagers are moving around without wearing any face masks.The report also stated that most of the shops have no sanitizers at the entrances.The survey was done in all of the province’s seven districts.
Masvingo province has so far recorded 98 deaths and 6288 COVID 19 positive cases.

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