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Some teachers in Masvingo province are carrying out extra lessons

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A survey done has revealed that there are some teachers in Masvingo province who are conducting extra lessons thereby exposing pupils to the Covid 19 pandemic.
Covid 19 taskforce provincial spokesperson for Masvingo province, Rodgers Irimayi said the taskforce remains concerned over people who are gathering at traditional beer binges and playing soccer in the province.
“It is not allowed to carry out extra lessons as this exposes students to the Covid 19 pandemic.Government does not allow a gathering of over 30 people We would like to warn that government will bring the culprits to book,’said Irimayi.
Recently a councillor from Mashava area, Alleta Makomeke recently raised concern over the increasing number of teachers who are conducting extra lessons in the area.
“Government must intervene as there are some teachers who are conducting extra lessons in Mashava.The only safer method is to carry out online lessons,’she said.
Government has banned the conducting of extra lessons following a surge in Covid 19 cases in the country.
The provincial education director for Masvingo , Shylet Mhike has warned that the law will take it’s course on teachers who are conducting extra lessons during this time of COVID-19

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