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Mushandike villagers walking 7 kilometers to nearest borehole. REGIS CHINGAWO

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Villagers in village 7 in Mushandike resettlement area in Masvingo province say government has abandoned them as they for the past 10 years have to walk seven kilometers to fetch water from the nearest borehole.
The villagers told Hevoi FM News that their plea to authorities to alleviate the problem has fallen on deaf ears.
‘We are appealing to the government to come to our rescue as over the past 10 years since we were resettled in this area, we have to travel more than seven kilometers to the nearest borehole,” said the villagers.
“Just imagine the plight of people with disabilities and the elderly. How are they copying given the circumstances they are living under,” said another villager.
Villagers say government must assist them by drilling a borehole in their area.
“We have over the years appealed to our local MP and councilors to assist us but nothing has been done……..we feel that we have been long been abandoned and forgotten,” said another villager.
The villagers were resettled by government in 2011.

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