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Nemamwa Growth Point vendors up in arms with local authority over ‘sub standard’ market stalls. By TATENDA CHIKARA

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Vendors at Nemamwa Growth point are up in arms with Masvingo Rural District Council over what they call ‘sub standard’ market stalls.
Vendors told Hevoi FM News that the local authority has failed to install sheds and provide water although they are paying monthly rentals.
“We are not happy with the service we are getting from Council.Our vending area has no proper vending sheds, there is no water services while the toilets are barely cleaned,”said the vendors.How can we lure customers under the current circumstances?,”
The vendors added:
“We are paying rentals to council, but in return we are not getting any value for our rental payments.During the rainy season we are exposed to vagaries of weather….council must be serious and address our concerns,”said the vendors.
Masvingo Rural District Council chief executive officer, Martin Mubviro told Hevoi FM News that if the vendors have concerns they must approach his office.
The vendors operate at an area near a rank where buses and commuter omnibuses operate.

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