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Residents up in arms with local authority over ‘outrageous’ bills. By Tatenda Chikara

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Masvingo residents are up in arms with the local authority, accusing the city fathers of making them pay exorbitant water charges inspite of erratic water supplies.
Some residents told Hevoi FM news that they are being forced to pay bills over $4000.
“What worries me most is that I stay alone, I don’t use water for gardening, but at the end of the month, a bill comes stating that I must pay $4 000 for water that does not come out frequently,”said a Mucheke resident.
Other residents accused the council meter readers of not doing their work and rely only on estimates.
“The other problem is of water meter readers….they don’t enter into residents premises but just work on estimates.Council must put it’s house in order…we can’t pay for high bills when we are getting erratic water supplies,” said another resident.
Masvingo Mayor, Councillor Collin Maboke urged residents with water bills queries to approach council offices.

“We are urging residents with water bills queries to approach our treasury offices so that if there are any anomalies, they can be rectified,”he said.Most areas in higher grounds in Masvingo are enduring water shortages worsened with the summer season when there is high water demand.

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