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Villagers in Clipsham Farm accuse gold panners of degrading environment. By Naledi Dube

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Villagers in Clipsham Farm under Chief Charumbira in Masvingo have raised concern over gold panners who are leaving open pits resulting in them losing their livestock and putting their environment under serious degredatio
The villagers told Hevoi FM News that authorities must look into the issue.
“We are calling on authorities to take urgent measures as we are losing our livestock.Our environment is being damaged.Whats pains us most is that these gold panners brag that they are untouchable as they have strong political connections,”said one of Clipsham villagers.
Chief Bere also raised concern over gold panners, known as Makorokoza who are degrading the environment in Mushandike area.
“Chief Bere, is very much concerned over some gold panners in Mushandike area who are destroying the environment,”said his spokesperson, David ,Masomere.
There has a been a gold rush in Masvingo province as illegal gold miners have invaded some of the areas in Masvingoi district causing land degradation.The Masvingo United Residents and Ratepayers Alliance recently made a high court application seeking an interdict to stop gold mining activities near the water tank which supplies water to Masvingo residents.


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