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Zaka West takes a lead in vaccination campaign. BY SAMUEL NJINGA

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Zaka West constituency has gone miles in the implementation of vaccination campaigns through imparting educational campaigns to the majority of the people in the area. This was confirmed by Zaka West legislator Orphius Murambiwa who told Hevoi FM News that he is working together with chiefs, village heads, Zimbabwe Republic Police, Ministry of Health and other stakeholders in ensuring that most of the people in the area receive adequate information with regard to the importance of being vaccinated.

“We are working extremely hard to ensure that there is maximum involvement of every stakeholder in taking the jab. We have established that most of the people need to be educated since they have been stuffed with misleading information concerning the vaccination jab.” Said Murambiwa.

This move is in line with the president`s call for people to be vaccinated so as to combat the deadly global pandemic. Most of the people in rural areas that are in Masvingo province do not have adequate information on vaccination. Also, a general survey carried out by Hevoi FM News revealed that the majority of the people in Zaka West are still risking their life by failing to adhere to World Health Organisation global guidelines such as putting on masks.

Concurring with his legislator, Luckson Kamurai Zezai who is chief Bota said that they were supporting government initiatives in ensuring that the jab is accepted by everyone but the major challenge was that of unnecessary queues which most of the people were failing to endure.

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