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Bere Township residents in Mashava appeal for ZUPCO buses to ply their area.BY REGIS CHINGAWO

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Residents of Bere Township in Mashava are calling for ZUPCO buses to reach their area as they are being forced to walk three kilometers from Balmain Shopping Centre.
Some residents who spoke to Hevoi FM News said that when travelling from Masvingo, ZUPCO buses leave them at Balmain Shopping Centre leaving them with no option but to walk to Bere Township some three kilometers away.
“We are appealing for ZUPCO buses to service our area.The challenge of lack of transport mainly affects the elderly and health patients who are on a daily basis being forced to walk to and from Bere Township to Balmain Shopping Centre intending to go to or from Masvingo,”said a resident.
Another resident said :
“We seem to be a forgotten community as we last had ZUPCO transport servicing our area during the beginning of the year.ZUPCO buses leave us at Balmain Shopping Centre but at the same time ply Gaths Mine and King Mine routes.”
Councillor of the area, Alletta Makomeke told Hevoi FM News that she is hoping that ZUPCO services will come to Bere Township as the road to the area is being tarred.
“We are grateful to Masvingo Rural District Council with the progress being done as the local authority is now completing the tarring of the road to Bere Township.We hope one the road reconstruction is complete, Zupco buses will reach Bere Township,”she said.

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