Outcry over sharp increase of basic commodities prices in Masvingo.BY NALEDI DUBE

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Masvingo residents say the recent wave of price increase of basic commodities will leave their pockets empty and are calling for remedial action to be taken.
Most residents spoke to Hevoi FM News say that the increases were unjustified as the price of fuel has remained relatively stable.
“The recent increase in the prices of basic commodities in Masvingo has irked consumers who feel the move will wipe away their meager incomes and raise the cost of living, “said a Masvingo resident who declined to be named.
Consumers who spoke to Hevoi FM News said the increase in prices of basic commodities was unjustifiable as it will weigh heavily on consumers’ pockets and called on government to act.
“Why are these retail supermarkets increasing the price of commodities, is there any justification ? I think its high time government act,”said another resident.
A snap survey carried out by Hevoi FM news in major retail outlets in Masvingo yesterday showed that prices of basic goods like mealie-meal, cooking oil, sugar had shot up.
A two litre bottle of cooking oil is now costing between $464 to $479 while a 10 kg of mealie meal is costing between $559 to $669 in most major retail supermarkets in Masvingo.

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