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Masvingo residents call for more vaccination centres.BY TATENDA CHIKARA

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Residents in Masvingo are calling for increased vaccination centers as they are waiting for longer periods in queues so they can get vaccinated.
“We the residents in Masvingo plead for more vaccination centers because too much time is consumed while we wait for our turn to come, the number of people in Masvingo and the vaccination centers does not match, a resident who requested anonymity.
Some residents argue that due to a limited vaccination centers, some with occupations go back home or to work without being vaccinated.
Another resident who also preferred anonymity told Hevoi Fm news that he appreciated the local authorities’ effort to establish vaccination centers but bemoaned the number of people vaccinated a day against the whole population of Masvingo.
“I appreciate the efforts put by our local authority in providing us with vaccination centers but looking at the population in Masvingo, these vaccination centers are few, many people wants to be vaccinated but when they see this slowness to get vaccinated from the few centers in the District, some people with occupation end up leaving without getting vaccinated,” he said.
Meanwhile, some nurses at one of the vaccination centers in Masvingo were heard pleading with the residents to remain calm as they cited shortage of staff and assuring them that everyone was going to be vaccinated.
The vaccination centers in Masvingo District are Rujeko clinic, Mazorodze Clinic, Runyararo West clinic and Masvingo General Hospital.

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