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Residents being forced to pay $US 2 to fetch water from borehole. By Regis Chingawo

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Some residents in ward 4 in Mucheke suburb in the city say they are being forced to pay a fee of $US2 so as to get permission to fetch water from a borehole near Mucheke Old People’s Home.
Some residents told Hevoi FM news that they have opted to fetch water from the borehole as their water supply had been disconnected by the local authority for non payment.

“Those who call themselves custodians of the borehole are forcing some residents to pay $US2 per household to be granted permission to fetch water.This is very unfair considering that we rely on the borehole for water.Council disconnected us following some arrears and given the latest development we are now wondering where we can get water from?,”said Mercy Murandu a resident.
Other residents accused a man commonly known as vaBhasikiti for making residents pay for water.
“The whole issue was started by vaBhasikiti who stays in 5 th street in Sisk suburb.He calls himself the custodian of the borehole, yet the facility was put in place to assist the community,”said another resident who declined to be named.
Masvingo United Residents and Ratepayers Alliance director, Anoziva Muguti called on the local authority to carry out some investigations on the issue.

“Community boreholes should benefit all residents and noone should be made to pay to access water from those boreholes. Even if they call it security fees or maintainance fee US $2 its still too much for residents who have been impoverished by Covid 19 and other economic factors. City fathers should investigate the issue and come up with a solution to that situation,”said Muguti.
Masvingo Mayor Councillor Collin Maboke said it is illegal to force residents to pay for water.
“It’s illegal to force residents to pay for water which must be given for free and council is not levying the money being collected,” said councillor Maboke.
The borehole is one of the facility that was erected by the local authority with the help of the donor community in a bid to mitigate residents from water shortages.

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