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‘Stiffer penalties must be taken on Apostolic sects leaders who sexually abuse women congregates’.BY Regis Chingawo

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Madzibaba Emmanuel who leads Johanne Masowe sect at Mhandamabwe business centre has blasted some apostolic sects for soiling church image by encouraging the sexual abuse of women.
“We are worried that there are some church leaders who end up sexually abusing women and girl children who would have approached them for spiritual healing.As Johanne Masowe sect, we condemn that and we call for stiff penalties on the perpetrators,”he said.
Madzibaba Emmanuel called upon apostolic sects members to also adhere to government regulations on the prevention of COVID-19 pandemic.
“We are calling on other apostolic sects to heed government orders on the prevention of the pandemic such as maintaining social distance, sanitizing and wearing of masks.We as the church we are also following the regulations,”he said.

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